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In the year 2014, Shalini founded Being Alive.

Under this banner, she started leading empowering seminars for various professionals i.e. Teachers, Students, Parents, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, etc.

You might have observed how we are living life, when we say living life we actually mean handling life to survive in this world of stress & negativity, where every day we do adjustments & compromises, hide truth & tell a lie, have fear & failures. People are surrounded by bundles of problems related to family, workplace, career, relations, society & government. Everyone is struggling in their own different area, it seems all mechanical and something which is missing badly is the ”Joy of Life”. The most beautiful expression of life, one can ever experience is Being Alive…

Our motive is to work on people in order to inspire them to get motivated & experience freedom, power & success in all the areas of their lives.

Shalini Juneja, the founder of Being Alive…experiencing Freedom, Power & Success” is a counselor, trainer, consultant & a motivational speaker who works on people, guide them, prepare them for the immense possibilities they can create for themselves & inspire them to get motivated & live a powerful life they always dream about.

Apart from this, Shalini takes personal coaching sessions as well. They have proven to be the most effective.
People with big issues in life come clean and start to rethink all of it in a different manner. The mess, the pain, the heartbreak, the grief, the regret, the guilt – all of it finds its way out of you. There is a healthy outlet. And life seems just fine.

Shalini greatly believes in contributing to people and helping them live a more satisfied and balanced life. She believes that by cultivating: integrity, commitment, enrollment, responsibility, and leadership in our youth, we can transform the entire nation.

She has recently launched a program “Education for life…Prepare a better youth” to empower today’s youth believe that building a positive attitude in youth can directly impact the society, she firmly believes that if we can cultivate values, character, integrity & responsibility in our youth, it would not only prepare responsible individuals but also extraordinary human beings. Ms. Shalini Juneja has worked with various organizations, schools, NGO’s, IT & management institutes. With her ability to communicate with people of different communities & age groups she can easily connect with people in a way that they get touched, moved & inspired by her thoughts & vision.

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